Meet The Team

Our highly trained coaches and committee members are one of a kind. With years of swimming experience, each coach and committee member lives and breathes the pool

The satisfaction I get from seeing our swimmers improve is the biggest reward
— Jason Buckner - Glamourhead Sharks Coach

The Coaches

With 20+ years of combined coaching experience, our coaching development team are not only the best, but also the friendliest coaches in Melbourne. Learn more about our head coaches below:


Jason Buckner

Jason Buckner - Head Coach

30 years swimming experience, including recreation & competitive swimming at state (age), national (masters) & international (masters) comps. Qualified level 2  Masters Swimming Coach, & swimming teacher. 15 years teaching & coaching experience. Masters Swimming Victoria Coach of The Year 2017.
"I became a masters swimming coach so I could give back to the team that has given him so much over the last decade"


Mark Sendecky

Mark Sendecky - Coach

Mark joined the Glamourhead Sharks in January 2010. As a ‘newer’ Glam, he quickly excelled in the pool moving up through the lanes to become one of the clubs fastest swimmers. Through an unexpected turn of events an opportunity to take over an age group squad came to light.

He found that he had as much passion for coaching as he did for swimming, and has continued to coach throughout his competitive career. He brings two years of coaching experience to the Glamourhead Sharks, and also continues to mentor age group swimmers to achieving their goals.

Being passionate about sharing a love of swimming Mark is dedicated to continuing the Glamourhead Sharks tradition of producing some great LGBTI swimmers not only through athletic advancement, but also through the opportunities the club has to offer

 His top three priorities as a coach are:

  1. Fun and love of swimming

  2. Excellent technique, and

  3. Life-long health and fitness

Alan Godfrey - Coach


Alan has swum most of his life – mainly to keep himself centred, and have a focus; as well as to be fit and keep his weight down!  Part of the reason he does reasonably [relatively] well now is that the other swimmers Alan grew up competing against have all stopped swimming, [emulating Steven Bradbury really!]  Some of Alan's early memories include training in the squad with Shane Gould, Karen and Narelle Moras, and others with Forbes Carlile in Sydney; he was in the slow lane!  Alan has seen many changes in masters swimming, starting from beginning Aussi days with Coogee_Randwick in the early '80's, and then PowerPoints in the late 1980's.  

Alan has been an active member of all the clubs that he has joined; and thinks it is important to give back in some way to your club.  Alan has been a member of The Glamourhead Sharks since 2009, first swimming with the Glams at the Outgames in Copenhagen in July 2009; and in many competitions since.  He has won the Glams Outstanding Swimmer award 4 times.

Alan has been a registered Masters Swim coach since 2007, and he is currently coaching at three clubs.  Alan still trains at least 3 times a week, and hopes to keep competing; though over shorter distances now.  As a coach Alan tries to prepare swimmers and help them to accomplish their goals.  He is very technique oriented; the idea being that improvements come with better technique, as well as improved fitness.

Joanne Towers - Coach

Joanne has been swimming competitively since 2006 and began coaching in 2013. Qualified as a Teacher of competitive strokes, Bronze license and now a Masters swimming coach.

Inside the water Joanne has swum at various levels; masters nationals, Vic state age finalist and gold medallist at Victorian country championships. During her time in the water Joanne has had the opportunity to train under various coaches to which has enabled her to develop her own coaching style. Outside of the water Joanne is studying Osteopathy which helps to further her respect and understanding of the human body.

Joanne hopes to inspire swimmers to push themselves to their potential with specific focus on technique. 

The Committee

Our committee love the club with all their heart. Our committees goal is to enrich the Glamourhead experience, encourage a supportive environment for members and develop new ways for our club to grow and succeed. Below are the current committee members for 2019-2020

President: Brendan Knox

Vice President: Alan Shepherd

Treasurer: Gavin Cooper

Secretary : Alan Godfrey

Team Captain: Jason Buckner

Committee Members:

  • Ross Savedge

  • Sajeeva Sinniah

Sponsors & Affiliates

We would like to thank our fabulous sponsors for their continuous support throughout the years. We would also like to mention our sister GLBTI swimming clubs, businesses and initiatives that the Glamourhead Sharks have been a part of throughout the years.

Thorne Harbour Health

Masters Swimming Victoria

Aqualicious Masters Swimming Brisbane

Wett Ones Masters Swimming Sydney

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